Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Crime Blogs

All crime is different, but every reader should find something to their taste in one of these. Bon Appetit!

1947project: A weblog about crime and architectural reporting from 1947 Los Angeles and today.

Blood of the Scribe: The State of The True Crime Union.

Clews: A historic true crime blog.

Crime Interrupted: True crime from the four corners.

Crime Rant: Deliberating crime coast to coast.

Denny Griffin on BlogTalk: Following a 20-year career in investigations and law enforcement in New York State, Denny decided to try writing stories about what he saw.

In Cold Blog: A blog for historical true crime fans.

Las Vegas and the Mob Blog: Las Vegas police and organized crime history.

Malefactor's Register: Crime, Punishment, Law and Writing.

Michelle Says So: Crime, Missing Persons, Sex Predators, Women's Issues, and Controversial News.

Parents Behaving Badly: Please don't make us blog you!

Sarcastic Crime: Talk about headlines, participate in chat, and enjoy the cynical debate and conversation.

The Murder Book 2008: A record of all the murders in New York City in 2008 that appear in the city's three daily newspapers.

Today's Atrocities: Bad things daily.

The True Crime Weblog: In-depth commentary and investigation into high profile crimes in the news today.

When a Child Goes Missing: Does a child go missing in the United States every forty seconds?